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Configuring IIS for Apollo ASP

Symptoms: 0x8000FFFF

The solution is to assign the proper security rights to directory that holds your data files. The most common problem in getting Apollo ASP to work, is not with Apollo ASP itself, but rather in configuring your IIS web server with the proper rights to allow data access. Basically, you must set the proper "web" rights to the directory containing your data files.

Option 1

     IIS (v6.x/7.x)

  1. Run IIS Management Console (v6.x/7.x)
  2. Select your web site, and expand the list of folders
  3. Find the directory that holds your data files
  4. Right-click, edit permissions
  5. Select "Security" Tab
  6. Click "Edit" button
  7. Enter "Everyone", click OK
  8. In the "Permissions for Everyone" pane, check
    Option 1
    • [x] Modify
      [x] Read
      [x] Write
    Option 2
    • [x] Full Control
  9. Click OK

     IIS (before v6)

  1. Run IIS (before version 6.x/7.x)
  2. Select your web site
  3. Right-click/properties on the directory that holds your data files
  4. Select "Directory" Tab (default tab) and check "[x] Read" and "[x] Write" rights
  5. Select "Directory Security" Tab
  6. In the "Anonymous Access and Authentication" section, press the Edit button
  7. Check "[x] Allow Anonymous Access" and press the Edit button
  8. Add "Guest" (this is not the same as "Internet Guest Account")
    Add any Internet account that belongs to the "Guests" group. Usually has a prefix "IUSR_xxx"
  9. In this same dialog:
    IIS 5: Check [X] Allow IIS to Control Password
    IIS 4: Uncheck [X] Enable Automatic Password Synchronization

Option 2

If you are still unable to see data, try the following:

  1. Run Explorer
  2. Select the data directory
  3. Right-click/properties
  4. NT: Select "Security" Tab and press the "Permissions"
    Win2000: Press the "Advanced" button and select the "Permission" tab (default first tab)
  5. Add "Everyone" to the list of permissions and set the rights of "Everyone" to "Full Control" or allow "Read" and "Write".

Other configuration issues:

  • Make sure the data files exist on the web server
  • Make sure the files themselves are not marked as Read-only.
  • Confirm your web site root directory by calling the following in your ASP code:
    path = Request.ServerVariables("APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH")
    response.write( path )
  • Confirm that the file and directory attributes are not set to "Ready for Archive"
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