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Apollo Server 9.8


Database server that enables Apollo apps to manage CA-Clipper & FoxPro DBF database files remotely over TCP/IP

Requires Apollo Embedded 9.8.


The Apollo Server is an optional backend database server for providing remote access over TCP/IP to CA-Clipper, FoxPro 2.6 and Apollo databases. It is an ideal solution for building client/server applications.

Developers use Apollo Embedded to create stand-alone applications that can manage data locally, or with Apollo Server, can run in client/server mode in only 5 lines of code! Simply set the IP address, port #, user name and password in your Apollo application.

Apollo Server Unlimited support an unlimited number of concurrent client connections. The free 2-User edition supports up to 2 concurrent users, which is ideal for testing and for simple access to remote DBF/Xbase database files over TCP/IP.

2 Editions Available

Unlimited Server

  • Supports an unlimited # of concurrent client connections
  • Full-featured database server
  • Ideal solution for multiple deployments (e.g. vertical market applications)
  • Royalty free distribution

Free 2-User Server

  • Included free with Apollo Embedded
  • Supports up to 2 concurrent client connections
  • Full-featured database server
  • Ideal for building small or demo type client/server applications
  • Royalty free distribution


  • Native 32-bit and 64-bit support
  • Apollo Server is built using Apollo 9
  • Enables Apollo applications to connect and manage DBF/Xbase database files remotely (client/server)
  • Only 5 lines of code to make your Apollo applications work with the Apollo Server
  • SQL-92 support
  • High-speed, secure TCP/IP access to Clipper, FoxPro 2.6 and Apollo DBF/Xbase databases
  • 700KB Server footprint
  • 10 to 30 times faster performance over embedded multi-user applications
  • Server Manager utility manages users and database aliases
  • Improves data integrity in multi-user environments
  • Reduces network traffic in multi-user environments
  • Minimal data is sent between client application and server
  • Eliminates Windows file sharing and file locking performance issues on shared networks
  • Does not require expensive hardware to run, works great on desktop-class machines
  • Royalty free unlimited distribution

Database Engine

The Apollo embedded database engine is the underlying low-level technology that is responsible for reading, writing, and updating the DBF/Xbase database files, indexes and memo files. It is included with Apollo Embedded and Apollo Server. The database engine consists of several small SDE*.DLL files that total under 1MB in size, and which may be freely deployed with your applications.

Developers are not expected to use the Apollo database engine directly. Instead, use the Apollo Embedded components which seemlessly wrap the engine's API, to develop applications.

Database engine & SQL support details

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